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Scans and permission to post from jellyfishromance

Pura Pura Animal Land

The members as animals. Each member talks about the animal that they were dressed as.

Arimura Ryutaro (vocalist/cat)

When I was young, I’d feed the stray cats.
The first incident was when I picked up a cat that had gotten involved in an accident.
I took it to a vet I knew for a check-up.
Unfortunately, it didn’t survive.
Then, after a while,
I got my black cat Arimura Kuro (5 years old) 5 years ago.

He’s been with me everyday for 5 years,
and we’re amazingly similar in both action and disposition.
Sometimes I’m surprised when we do the same things.

I honestly couldn’t be without him
even though he’s very demanding of attention, and we mutually understand each other,
but here I’ve conveyed my awkward feelings.
I’ll never lose interest in how human like he is.

Hasegawa Tadashi (bass/dog)

When I was young, I had a dog at my parents’ house,
so that’s an animal that I hold very close to my heart.

When I’d take him on a walk, he’d often run off and play in the park,
but when I took him along when I was feeling down,
he seemed concerned and wouldn’t leave my side.

I like that they have facial expressions,
and that communicating something to them is easy.
I especially like shiba inus and corgis.

A common feature we share?
Maybe my strong wariness is surprisingly dog-like… haha

Nakayama Akira (guitar/peafowl)

I think it’s romantic that animals like birds can fly freely in the sky.

I like them because, in a man’s eyes, they seem elegant.
It’s like “in what forest do they sell these feathers?”

When I went to the zoo some time ago,
there were some peafowl that somehow looked like people out in an area I went past.
“How strange,” I thought, but
the elegant way they walked looked like a scene out of “Ooku.”
I really don’t share any common features with them, since I’m pretty plain.

Ah, wait. When I travel, I fly.
*Ooku is the harem of Edo Castle

Sato Kenken (drums/horse)

Last year I had the chance to go horseback riding for the first time,
and I liked it.

I like them because they’re cute up close and they’re intelligent.
I really can’t think of many similar features that we share, but
when I was running on horseback, I felt like we had become the wind together (laugh).
It was a great feeling.

Horseback riding for the first time last year is my favorite memory,
so if I were to get the chance again, I’d definitely do it.














Kera 8月號


Kera 8月號